Animation Update!

It’s been a long time since I’ve said anything about my “film” (eghm probably one Instagram photo…); therefore, this blog awaits an update long overdue!
Recap: I’m making a short cartoon for my Intermediate Animation class. In my mind, it’s a cartoon because “film” doesn’t sound like a word that appropriately describes whatever this is… It’s about a raccoon who unsuccessfully raids a recycling bin. This raccoon’s hungry, and he should probably be serious about getting a bite, but instead he has too much fun, and then the guy who lives in the house catches him, and everything goes crazy!
How it’s going: Man, it’s getting there. I didn’t have a lot of experience in animation, save for Action I, before starting this project, so I am learning a lot now. I decided to use ToonBoom Studio because I know it really well. Even though my character will have that “Flash” look everyone’s scared of, I’m able to focus on animating instead of stressing about lines. That was important to me anticipating the learning curve I would face making my first solo animated project. It took me a while to get into the rhythm of doing the roughs quickly. I get lost in doing art things a lot, so I’ve gotta say I was missing that until I finally got carried away in backgrounds (pretty proud of how they turned out, if I may say!)
Here is a ToonBoom still from the gigantically long scene I’ve been working on for a few weeks:

The class itself has a lot of hype around it. For me, it’s turned into this impending calamity every Monday. Despite all of the “Oh, intermediate!” empathy, I actually don’t mind the weight of the project. In fact, working on it is a daily relief. The combination of going to classes and work and being outside in the city in general feels like flying on a little crowded plane for hours. I get to come home and draw, make silly faces and laugh about the character on my computer screen.
Half of me wants to let the cartoon unfold organically, and the other half feels confined by the framework of the course to have a certain production method. It’s making me wonder if I’m not taking away the filmmaking learning experience I should be, or whether that’s just a reflection on a preference toward working independently.
Aaand this post is getting really long. Maybe I’ll write more before Thanksgiving break. Until next time, here’s a photo of me that happened during a dance party between working on scenes of my cartoon. BYE.